Edina Kazithe

Born 28 April 1978, Edina Kazithe is married with 5 children and FINCA client since 2003 residing at Zalewa turn-off. Edina operates a grocery business and second hand clothes (Kawunjika) business. Today, she is amongst the clients sharing her business success story with the world through a master card fund (MCF) video shooting project.

Tenacity, new VB with a vision

A newly formed group of 11 people by the name of Tenacity vows to continue breathing the Village Banking brand. Located at Green Corner in Blantyre, the members chose the name Tenacity to echo their firmness from group cohesion to fulfilling their dream.

Christina Chingeni

50-year-old Christina Chingeni is one of the first clients of FINCA Malawi who acquired her first loan of US$1 in 1994, and she is a mother of three children – Darlington, 30, Vusi, 28, and 25-year-old Nomsa.

Agnes Chitsotso

Agnes Chitsotso is among the few longest serving clients of FINCA, who joined the microfinance deposit-taking institution when it was just introduced in Malawi. Agnes acquired her first loan of US$1 currently equivalent to MK715 in 1994, and she is borrowing money from FINCA up-to-date.

Angella Vincent

Fifty-nine year old Angelina Vincent was born and raised in a very remote area in rural Malawi, about 90 miles from the commercial city of Blantyre. Her parents were too poor to afford her education, and because of that, she had to drop out of primary school at a young age.

Alice Namagowa

Alice Namagowa was in primary school when her parents passed away, and she was forced to drop out as she was unable to pay her tuition.