Alice Namagowa

September 11, 2014

An Opportunity She Never Had

Alice Namagowa was in primary school when her parents passed away, and she was forced to drop out as she was unable to pay her tuition.

In order to support herself, Alice started a business of selling sweet potatoes, after several relatives loaned her start-up capital totaling $24. She had some success with this business but a few years later, she decided to venture into a more lucrative opportunity selling second hand clothes. To do so, however, she needed to increase her financial capital.

Alice decided to join the Mlombwa Village Bank as the group was based in her community. She acquired her first loan and invested it in her new business, and over time, she was able to steadily improve her income. Now, she and her husband earn enough to pay the tuition fees for their three girls—Jane, Ella, and Jacqueline. Alice is proud that they are pursuing an education, an opportunity she didn’t have.

Next, Alice would like to build a decent house for her family, and also build houses that she could lease out to tenants. This would allow her to earn more so that she can continue to raise her family’s standard of living and help them live more comfortably.