Edina Kazithe

August 18, 2016

The plight of a FINCA client: Edina Kazithe shares her success with the rest of the world

Born 28 April 1978, Edina Kazithe is married with 5 children and FINCA client since 2003 residing at Zalewa turn-off. Edina operates a grocery business and second hand clothes (Kawunjika) business. Today, she is amongst the clients sharing her business success story with the world through a master card fund (MCF) video shooting project.

13 years ago, Kazithe injected a MK20,000 loan into her small grocery business. She obtained the loan through Tiyanjane village bank. In fact Kazithe learnt about FINCA from a friend to her husband who encouraged her to join the group. During this time they used to stay in a rented house whilst managing a single shop only.

As loan cycles multiplied each year, Edina confirms that she learnt a lot in terms of recapitalizing the business, budgeting and strategies to venturing into other equally viable businesses. Through experience, Edina is now the chairlady of Tiyanjane Village Bank and is servicing a loan of MK 800,000 – courtesy of FINCA Malawi services through her loan officer Linnie Gumeni.

Besides sharing her history of financial inclusion Edina now boasts of operating 2 grocery shops and selling of second-hand clothes whilst employing 4 sales representatives. She proudly sends her children to private schools and able to look after 6 dependents. Edina has also managed to build 4 houses and resides in one while 3 are rented within the same compound. She concluded by saying that “am proud that FINCA recognizes by success as their loyal customer and that whoever watches the video will get inspired to succeed in life as well’’.