Tenacity, new VB with a vision

August 18, 2016

Village Banking still bearing fruits to our clients

A newly formed group of 11 people by the name of Tenacity vows to continue breathing the Village Banking brand. Located at Green Corner in Blantyre, the members chose the name Tenacity to echo their firmness from group cohesion to fulfilling their dream.

According to one of the group beneficiaries Hanna Doreen Kachale, Tenacity group received its first loan amounting to MK1,020,000 to finance various members businesses. Hanna is a mother of 6 children and is operating grocery business and now farming/rearing piggery out of her MK100,000 loan received from FINCA. ‘’After investing the loan in my grocery business I took the first proceeds straight into a new piggery business as an expansion drive’’ said Hanna.

Hanna also said that the small loan capital prompted her to join FINCA. She got the news about FINCA from existing FINCA clients around her community and later a team of 11 members joined forces to form the group and accessed the loan facility. She dreams of building a bigger superrete with her piggery business.