FINCA Express Banki Pachala

Conveniently transact within your community

Securely conduct all FINCA transactions within your community through FINCA Banki Pachala Agency Banking, with biometric verification for added safety.

FINCA Express (Banki Pachala)

FINCA Malawi launched FINCA Express (Banki Pachala) agency banking in 2017 to increase outreach and improve customer service. FINCA Express uses a network of banking agents to provide a full range of FINCA services: deposits, withdrawals, loan repayments, money transfers, mini statements, and balance inquiries.

Agency banking with FINCA Express is easy. Simply visit the nearest FINCA branch to register and provide your biometric information.

  • Secure: All transactions require biometric authentication, and a receipt is provided for each transaction.

  • Convenient and cost-effective: No need to travel long distances to the nearest branch.

  • Fast: Transactions are made instantly, even outside of normal banking hours.

  • Close to you: Increased number of service points in your community.

  • Safe: No need to carry cash while traveling long distances.

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